I combine programming skills with creative expertise to bring practical and artistic designs to life in the digital world, constantly discovering endless possibilities. However, there is another aspect of my journey that I would like to share with you - I live with schizophrenia - . This challenge has never prevented me from fully embracing my personal and professional life. I believe that every individual, regardless of the challenges they face, is capable of achieving their dreams. With a combination of determination, dedication, and the right support, we can overcome any obstacle on our path and unleash our inner strength and potential. I appreciate your time and willingness to learn more about me. It is my sincere hope that my story inspires you to pursue your passions, overcome obstacles, and embrace the full potential of your own journey.

How does a responsive website work?

Simply put, responsive websites adapt to the screen with which a visitor views the website. Whether this is a desktop monitor, a tablet, or a smartphone. There is only one website, the layout of which adapts to the resolution of the screen.

3d Printing & 3d Modeling

My 3D portfolio is diverse and functional, featuring practical designs like coasters with artistic illustrations and pen holders adorned with elegant Voronoi patterns. Good news for 3D-printed jewelry enthusiasts: I have uploaded over 100 different designs available for free download. Additionally, I create unique keychains in various shapes with beautiful prints. This is just a glimpse of what my portfolio offers, as it continues to grow and evolve with more creative 3D designs on the horizon.

Blogs about my Study

On Medium, I share in-depth articles about my experiences and learning processes in online coding bootcamps, including project examples and scripts. Additionally, I write passionately about 3D printing, highlighting my unique design process, steps for publication, and my motivation for this innovative technology. As a content creator on YouTube, I also share my experiences and knowledge in an accessible manner. This is just a glimpse of the diversity on my Medium blog, where I invite you to explore more about my professional and creative journey in the exciting world of technology and design.

YouTube Creator

As a YouTube creator, specializing in 3D modeling and software development, my channel offers a multifaceted exploration. I provide instructional videos on creating intricate 3D models and showcase the tangible manifestation of my creations by capturing the printing process on my 3D printer, allowing viewers to witness the transformation from virtual design to physical object. Through this immersive experience, I aim to inspire and educate those passionate about technology.


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As an experienced Software Engineer, I create contemporary, user-friendly websites using established techniques. I also provide code documentation services, ensuring clarity and facilitating comprehension for aspiring developers. With an active presence on Fiverr, I am dedicated to delivering high-quality work with precision and attention to detail.

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